Why You Should Comment Your Code

Taking a look at any type of code can be a bit terrifying for beginners, but if there are comments in the code it makes it a little easier. Comments can help point out which section is which and what is what. Using comments throughout your code is not only helpful to others who are looking at it, but it can also be helpful to you. If you have hundreds of lines of code and are trying to go back through it all to make a correction or change, it is much easier to find that certain section if you have placed comments throughout.  There are many other reasons why comments can be helpful besides keeping track of where sections are. Comments can also be used to keep track of information, such as the author, date the code was created, and the date it was last updated. This is all information that you want in the document, but don’t want to display on the webpage. Another way that comments can be helpful is if you are trying to see how a webpage would look without a certain section. For doing this you could simply just add the comment codes around the section that you want to take out and if you decide later to keep the section, then you just have to erase the comment codes instead of having to retype the whole section of code. WordPress.org explains really well how to add comments into your code for these different reasons and shows you exactly how to type them out. I will point out the two that I use most, but WordPress also shows you how to do  comments with PHP.

Comments in HTML look like this:

<!– Comment Here –>

Comments in CSS look like this:

/* Comment Here */


“Commenting Code,” WordPress, http://codex.wordpress.org/Commenting_CodeCode


My Ultimate Adventure

If I was able to jump in to any show and be a part of it, I would definitely be the girl who waited. I would love to travel through time and space in a blue police box that is much bigger on the inside. Of course, I am talking about Dr. Who and my favorite companion, Amy Pond! It would be a blast to get to go anywhere that you want and in any time period that you want. Also, who wouldn’t want to help The Doctor fight against the Daleks, Cybermen, and The Master?? I would personally like to stay away from the Weeping Angels and The Silence because they are quite terrifying, but I think I could handle the rest! I would also love to travel with the 10th Doctor (and I wouldn’t complain if they brought him back on the show!). Out of all 12 doctors, he is definitely my favorite. So Doctor, if you’re out there, I need you!


Hello! I am a Senior at Pittsburg State University studying Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Web & Interactive Media. I have a white husky named Juneau and a cat named Django. My hobbies include reading, crocheting, watching TV marathons on Netflix, fishing, camping, and doing crafts. Currently I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings trilogy), crocheting a slouchy beanie and a huge blanket, and watching Friends, since the entire series was just put on Netflix!

I had never even thought about having a blog until we were required to start one for one of my classes last summer, but once we started using it I realized just how useful it could be. After the class was over I basically stopped writing anything for my blog because I didn’t know what to write. Then, a few months later I tried to start writing again, but I couldn’t get the hand of it. I’m hoping that I can learn a lot from this Blogging 101 course and will be able to continue my blog even after it is over! The topics that I will write about will mostly be any of my hobbies listed above, my pets, or anything that I learn in school. I would love to connect with anyone interested in the same things as me, anyone that is also new to blogging, or anyone that finds my blog interesting! If I blog successfully throughout the next year, I hope that I have connected with many new people, learned how to maintain my blog and create new posts without a prompt, and improved my writing along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about me, and feel free to comment a little about yourself as well! 🙂