Web Graphics Software Course Reflection

Even though taking classes during the summer isn’t the most exciting thing, I have actually really enjoyed this course. Throughout the summer I had multiple “firsts” of things I had never done before. Building a drag and drop website, creating a blog, and coding a brand new website are a few examples of things I had never done until this class. Learning how to code a website was one thing that was really hard, but it is so cool to look at all that crazy coding and then open it in a web browser and see the website you created. I can’t wait to learn more and practice to make better websites! I also really liked that we did these blogs. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but it really helps to put what you’ve learned in to words to share with others. The blogs also made us explore things for ourselves like how to use Pinterest for business purposes, what current web design trends are, or even what not to do when creating a website. I don’t think there is anything that I would really change about this course. The only thing that I might change is that I would take it in class instead of online, but I still thought it was great!



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