Navigation Design

One of the most important components of a website is the navigation menu. According to Smashing Magazine, “Navigation gives you a window onto the website designer’s creative ability to produce a functional yet visually impressive element that’s fundamental to most websites” ( A few current trends in navigation design are 3-D Navigation, Speech Balloons, Rounded Corners, JavaScript Animation, and Unusual Shapes. “Navigation is a big focal point because you need to handle the shift between desktop to mobile in a usable manner” ( A few trends that deal with the shift between desktop to mobile are Re-sizing and Positioning, Select Menus, Overlay Dropdowns, Block Dropdowns, and Hidden Shelf Sliding Menus. One website that I believe has a good navigation design is SproutBox. This website has good navigation design because the menus are a light green box with rounded corners and dark green writing, but once you click on a menu it changes to a dark green speech bubble so you know which page you are on. Another website that has good navigation design is The Crazy Love Campaign. The navigation design in this website works really well because it is placed at the top of the page with the same background pattern as the rest of the website, but in a lighter shade. Also, the font is very different and gives it a unique look. One more website that I think has good navigation design is Think Up. The navigation links for this website are very cool and unique. They are crumpled post-it notes and when you hover over one it changes colors and when you click on one it brings it forward to see the whole note.



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