Exploring Pinterest

Pinterest is a great and easy way to share things you like with others, even for businesses. It is very easy to set up an account and once you have an account you create “mood boards”, which are like your categories or topics. Then, you can either search for a specific top or browse the categories of the site to find “pins”, which are the links themselves, by others. If you like the pins you find, you can pin them to your own profile under each one of your mood boards. You can also use the “Pin It” button to create a new pin from any website that you find. I really like how easy it is to use Pinterest and to share things with others. The only thing I dislike is that some pins that people put on Pinterest do not link back to the website, so it is just an image. I think Pinterest is very useful to individuals and to businesses, and I will definitely use it again. I could use the board that I created to get ideas and tips on how to create an attractive and useful website for the client. The article, “How to Use Pinterest for Business” by Hubspot has a few suggestions for marketing: feature visual content, host a contest, add the “Pin It” button to your website, and add links in the descriptions of your pins. I really like using Pinterest and think it could be a great tool for businesses as well. Here is my Client Project Mood Board: http://www.pinterest.com/kymichelle_5/client-project-mood-board/pins/



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