Taking Digital Photos

When taking digital photos it is important to remember the three P’s: Point, Position, and Placement. Point stands for point of view, which means the camera angle which the photo was taken when taking digital photos. A few examples of point of view are low angle shot, high angle shot, horizontal shot (landscape), portrait shot (vertical), and slant shot (angled). Position means the position of the camera in relationship to the subject or focal point. The three basic camera positions when taking digital photos are close-up shot, mid-shot, and wide shot. Placement stands for the placement of the subject/focal point in the frame of the photo. A few ways to use placement to make the photo more interesting when taking digital photos are to give the subject more dominance, give the subject less dominance, use the rule of thirds for placing the subject, or use the rule of odds to add balance. For the photos in this post, I used my smartphone camera which is an Apple iPhone 5s. A few special features about the camera on my phone are different filters, an HDR option, the normal rectangular size, a square size, and a panoramic option. I chose three different photos as examples of the three P’s. The first photo is of myself with others at a Chief’s football game. This photo is an example of a horizontal (landscape) shot as the point of view. The second photo is a close up shot of my dog, Juneau. This is ran example of camera position. The last photo is of a giraffe at the zoo. This is an example of using the rule of thirds for placement because I placed the giraffe in the top right corner of the frame. These are just a few examples, but try out some on your own and don’t forget to use the three P’s when taking digital photos!


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