140 Characters or Less

Twitter, also known as micro-blogging, could be a very effective tool for businesses. Using Twitter as an online branding tool allows you to promote your brand, monitor what people are saying about your brand, and interact with your fan base. A few organizations that have made an effective use of Twitter are Starbucks, Google, and Adobe. Some pros about using Twitter as a branding tool are that you can announce upcoming events, promote other content that you’ve created such as webinars, and develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for possible PR placement. Using Twitter could be a great thing, but it also has a few cons such as having to learn how to use it correctly from a business perspective and possibly using it the wrong way. An example of using it the wrong way would be to not sounding professional and making it seem like your business is just a joke. I personally enjoy using Twitter (https://twitter.com/DesignsByKylee) and think it could be a huge help with networking in the future. A summary of what I have learned about writing for the web in a single Tweet would be, “Keep sentences short, use lists if possible, use lots of headlines, and stick to the point.”



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