Web Pages that Suck!

Have you ever looked at a website and wondered what it was even for or who would have allowed the website to active? Well, Web Pages that Suck will point out many websites that are terrible for many different reasons. One of those websites on Web Pages that Suck is “Who Killed JFK?” (http://www.whokilledjfk.net/). This website is terrible because it has WAY too many tabs on the left side and just a bunch of random pictures and information all the way down the front page. It does not seemed to be organized at all. It does not use Emphasis or Simplicity because the information is all completely random and it definitely is not simple, it just makes no sense. This website would need a lot of work to make it usable. The tabs on the left hand side need to be categorized so there a only a few of them and the information needs to be organized. Another terrible website from Web Pages that Suck is “Diller Scofidio + Renfro” (http://www.dsrny.com/#). This website is very touchy and is hard to navigate. It is also hard to figure out what the site is even about and some of the text gets cut off. It does not use Unity or Simplicity because the project links don’t seem to be organized at all and the website is very hard to navigate. They need to have less information on the front page and use the front page to explain their business. It also needs to not be so touchy and hard to navigate.

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