Building a Drag & Drop Website

Want a free and easy way to build a new website in minutes? Try Wix! This website has tons of templates for all different types of websites that allow you to customize the layout, change the content, and drag and drop sections wherever you would like. Wix has plenty of template options for free, but you could also upgrade and have even more options. I created my first website using Wix and I chose to create a one-page resume website ( I really like all of the options that they had, not only for templates, but also the options to customize each template. I also liked how fast and easy it was to create a website. One thing that I would have changed would be to not have so many pop-up notes when you try to change each thing. I know it is supposed to be helpful, but it sometimes gets in the way when there are so many, plus many of them are not needed. Wix is a little confusing at first, but after just a minute or so you can get the hang of it really easily. Overall, I really like this website and will definitely be using it again in the future.



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